DecoSwirl is a very smart and impressive coating which aims to give
a ‘marble’ or ‘pearl’-like, look to your floors.

DecoSwirl is a self leveling resin based epoxy coating blended with coloured tints, creating a misty effect with a high gloss finish.

Available in a large range of colours to suit your project.  The patterns are achieved by blending selected colours and artistically creating an artificial marble blend.

DecoSwirl is ideal for your home, retail outlet or dinning establishment and much more.
Why choose DecoSwirl to brighten up your floors?

  • Wide range of colour blends to suit your colour scheme
  • Seamless Flooring
  • Extremely durable
  • Water Resistant
  • Long Lasting
  • Very Easy to Clean
  • Hygienic & germ resistant
Our System

Would you like a million ways to add style and colour to your next venture?

DecoFloors has developed a specialised coating system, available in a multitude of colours and consisting of a strong, durable base coat, colour chips and hard wearing top coat which permanently bonds providing a durable, hygienic, slip resistant surface.
Cost Effective

No job is too big or small - our low cost application won't just SAVE you money, the DecoFloors seamless floors process eliminates the hassle of other 'less durable', 'time consuming' methods of flooring such as tiling, paving, even carpeting!

Applications are carried out by our highly qualified team of trades people in next to no time!

Download our latest full colour brochure.

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